Business Strategy

Much of our focus is on digital marketing for small businesses; however, we know that there is no point in marketing a business if it’s not healthy at it’s core. If your business needs help at it’s foundation, we offer one-one-one business consulting.

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Marketing Strategy

At Aim One Marketing, we practice growth driven design. This philosophy is based on three core principles:


We do in-depth research into your market and create a focused marketing strategy. Then, we build the components of your strategy, test the results, and repeat. We use the results to create more focused campaigns so that, over time, you will get better and better results. 

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Digital Marketing

Once your marketing strategy is put in place, we build your marketing campaign. The techniques and tools we use fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. These include:

  • Ghost writing
  • Landing page
  • SEO
  • Website development 

Digital marketing is where the rubber hits the road! We plan and build your campaigns, test them and use data to improve your campaigns over time. 

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